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Naruto 487 Prediction – Revelations of Loss

Status: Prediction

Madara looks at Naruto and then at Sasuke. Madara gives off a sigh and then
places his hand on Sasuke’s shoulder.
Madara: “Come Sasuke. There will be plenty of time for talking later. For now
this fight is not safe for you.”

Sasuke: “….”
Sasuke moves away from Madara’s hand as Madara looks at Naruto. Madara then turns to look at Zetsu.
Madara: “Zetsu go meet with your other half right now.”
Zetsu: “But I can..”
Madara: “I said now.”
Zetsu suddenly gets a nervous look on his face and merges back underground as the others look on. Madara looks back at Naruto.
Madara: “Know this Naruto. The next time you meet Sasuke you will not be facing him weak as you are facing him now. Either way Sasuke will be coming to acquire the kyubi for akatsuki soon or later. Your attempts to appeal to his better nature is wasted.”
Kakashi: “And if sasuke or anyone else comes we will eliminate them same as we have done all the others you have sent.”
Madara: “That may have been the case before but you have no idea what resources I have yet to use. When all this is over I will have the kyubi.”
Sasuke falls to one knee suddenly and struggles to rise up as Naruto look on.
Madara: “…”

Zetsu is back to his full form and is examining the remains of Kisame. White Zetsu has a shocked look on his face while dark zetsu looks nervous.
White Zetsu: “Madara is not gonna like this news. Madara’s plans depended greatly on Kisame’s involvement.”
Dark Zetsu: “We had better report this immediately.”
Zetsu disappears under the ground with a view of kisame’s body still laying where it was previously.

Madara is watching Sasuke get up while Naruto look on. Madara suddenly sees the image of the first hokage for a second.
Madara: “….”
Zetsu reappears right behind them and whispers something in Madara’s ear. Madara suddenly turns around to face Zetsu. Zetsu’s two sides look very nervous as Madara looks at them.
Madara: “Kisame is dead!?!”
Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura all have shocked looks on their faces.
Dark Zetsu: “It would appear the eight tails managed to kill him and it gets worse. Kisame’s sword is missing. I think the eight tails has it now.”
Madara: “This changes our plans but no matter. We will just need to acquire someone else to deal with the eight tails. Return to the village.”
Zetsu leaves as Madara turns to Sasuke.
Madara: “Sasuke it is time to go. This time you are coming back with me. End of discussion.”
Madara teleports Sasuke away as Sasuke looks at Naruto fade away from him.
Madara: “We will meet again soon.”
Madara teleports away while Naruto looks on. Naruto turns around to face Kakashi and Sakura.
Kakashi thinking: “So this is the road you have chosen Naruto.”
Naruto: “Lets go home.”

Raikage is sitting in his office throne room as Team Samui stands before him.
Raikage: “As you three have been informed. We are now officially at war with akatsuki.
As your first assignment I am sending you to gather all intelligence you can from the hidden leaf village concerning all akatsuki activity including the actions of current and former members. You are then to integrate their intelligence with ours so that we may prepare for whatever offensive strategy akatsuki may attempt to use against us.”
Samui: “Anything else?”
Raikage clasps his hands together and place them in front of his mouth. Then he cracks his knuckles as he looks at Samui.
Raikage: “I want you to determine exactly the strengths and weaknesses of Konoha’s jinchuriki as well as protective measures in place to protect him”
Samui and the others are surprised at what Raikage has just said.
Samui: “Should I engage the jinchuriki in combat?”
Raikage looks Samui right in the eyes with a serious look on his face.
Raikage: “Do whatever you feel is necessary. Use the same test that was done with my brother if you have to.”
Samui is shocked at what she has just heard as are everyone else in the room who look at raikage with surprise.

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