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Sungha Jung

Sungha Jung (Born in South Korea on September 2, 1996) is a young acoustic fingerstyle guitarist. He had been watching his dad play the guitar for awhile before he finally jumped on it himself 3 years ago. He practice 1 – 3 hours everyday. He could not pose properly due to the big guitar and even pressing the strings was also painful and hard due to small hands. After he practice hard everyday, with his great talent and spirit, finally he can played a difficult song at young age. Many videos that recorded him played guitar, was uploaded in youtube. Over time, he became more famous and popular. Now in 2010 he already had his tour to USA and Finland. Later, at the same year, he will have a trip to Germany and China. He also had played guitar with Trace Bundy, a professional guitarist. At 1st January 2009, Lakewood became as his official guitar sponsor.

Here are Sungha Jung’s sponsors:
Guitar Sponsor : Lakewood (http://www.lakewood.de/)
Korea official dealer of Lakewood : AG&M (http://www.acousticguitar.co.kr)
Pik Sponsor : Alaska Pik (http://www.alaskapik.com)
Amp Sponsor : AER (http://www.aer-amps.info)
Strings Sponsor : Elixirstrings (http://www.elixirstrings.com/)

Check out his few videos that has million viewers!

His first tour to US

(Michael Jackson) Billie Jean – Sungha Jung & Trace Bundy

(Extreme) More than Words – Sungha Jung

(Movie Theme) Mission Impossible Theme – Sungha Jung


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